The Tear-Jerking Moment This Rescue Dog is Reunited With Former Prisoner Who Saved His Life

When Stephen was serving time in prison, he participated in an innovative program called New Leash on Life. The scheme works by pairing homeless dogs with certain prisoners, so that they can help to rehabilitate one another.

New Leash on Life USA via The Dodo

Stephen was paired with a dog named Pavlov. He spent months getting to know the dog and training him, and was eventually delighted that Pavlov began responding to him. The pair developed a close and inseparable bond, and Pavlov had such a positive impact on Stephen’s character that he was even released from prison early.

Upon his release, he was desperate to take Pavlov with him. But he didn’t know where he was going to be living and his immediate future was uncertain. He had to make the difficult decision to return Pavlov to the program and allow him to find another home.

New Leash on Life USA via The Dodo

But as soon as Marina met Pavlov, it was love at first sight. She adopted him right away and gave him the loving forever home that he so deserved.

Since being released from prison, Stephen has turned his life around. He has a great job at animal control, and when Marina learned that Pavlov had been part of the New Lease on Life program, she immediately wanted to reach out to Stephen.

New Leash on Life USA via The Dodo

Although they exchanged messages on Facebook, they had never hung out or arranged to meet up. But Marina decided that she wanted to surprise Stephen by taking Pavlov along to see his old buddy.

The moment when Pavlov and Stephen reunited was caught on camera, and is just wonderful! It’s clear that Pavlov remembers his buddy, and Stephen is equally taken aback when Pavlov decides to play with him.

New Leash on Life USA via The Dodo

And the story has a wonderful ending, too. Marina has asked Stephen to stay in Pavlov’s life, and has invited him to be on dog sitting duty any time!

For more information about the inspiring and life-changing work of New Leash on Life, visit their website and contribute if you can.

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