The South American Sea Lion That Goes to the Market

Have You Heard the One About the South American Sea Lion That Goes to the Market?

It sounds like a corny joke you would pick out of a Christmas cracker, doesn’t it?

But it’s a genuine question.

When a South American sea lion noticed a fish market near the shore, he decided to head up the beach and check it out for himself.

In a remarkable video that is pretty hard to believe, the sea lion sits patiently as the market workers sort through the fish, hoping that they will toss him something from the baskets for his trouble.

He gets his wish when one of the guys working on the fish tosses him a snack. Thrilled with this show of generosity, the sea lion decided to follow the man’s every move, and sat patiently behind him for the next installment.

Perhaps what is so surreal about this video is just how normal it all seems. The guys are going about their business and the sea lion is just chilling!

Frankly, it’s reminiscent of how a dog would wait patiently for his dinner, as his owner prepares to feed him. But instead of a cute little puppy, we’re dealing with a humungous, hungry sea lion!

Crowds gathered around the crates of fish to witness this remarkable feeding extravaganza, and there’s little doubt that the sea lion remained on shore after the video ended.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to the water and brought his friends along to join him the following day. After all, sea lions spend a great deal of their time hunting for food, so what’s better than standing in line at a buffet and waiting to be fed?

The fishermen will only hope that it doesn’t become too much of a common thing. After all, they don’t want to spend countless hours on their boats, only to return to shore to have their catch taken by hungry sea lions!