The shocking encounter of a customer with a large brown bear in a grocery store in California

The shopper was taken aback when he observed the brown bear grabbing groceries alongside him in a grocery store.

One of California’s grocery stores has recently become a favorite haunt of brown bears. Two intriguing films went viral showing a content bear stealing food from a supermarket, and it was pretty evident that the bear in both videos was the same bear.

On a regular day, a client was surprised to come face to face with the colossal beast who had snatched up some chips. And this time, the bear was hankering for some yogurt and saw no impediment in his way. Thank God, no one was wounded or injured by the monstrous beast.

As shocking as it may sound, such scenarios and occurrences are extremely common near Lake Tahoe, where over 30 thousand people live, according to research. And it’s for this reason that officials and police officers regularly caution citizens not to panic and to avoid coming into contact with those curious creatures.


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