The Power of Friendship: This Dog Refused to be Rescued without Her Bestie!

When a huge dog wandered across the road in Romania, the humans that she encountered immediately sought to help her. But she quickly disappeared, and they weren’t sure if she would return to the road and let them help.

But, as it turns out, she had gone to find her best friend.

She returned to her rescuers with her little buddy, Hugo. It seemed that she knew she was going to be rescued, and she didn’t want to go anywhere without her companion.

Raisa and Ray Animal Rescue via The Dodo

When her rescuers got Hugo and Elsa in the car, they noticed that Elsa was in bad shape. She had an issue with mites, so her rescuers took her straight to the vet.

After determining Elsa’s condition, it was clear that she would need round the clock care. For two whole months, her rescuers had to nurse her back to health, given her a daily bath just to manage her condition.

Raisa and Ray Animal Rescue via The Dodo

In the meantime, Hugo got adopted by a loving family, which was all down to Elsa’s insistence that he wasn’t left behind.

To give Elsa the best chance in life, her rescuers knew they had to find a foster family to take her in. And that’s exactly what happened.

In the space of six months, the transformation that Elsa underwent is absolutely remarkable. Her skin returned to normal and she grew her fluffy coat back.

Raisa and Ray Animal Rescue via The Dodo

Although her foster family only planned to keep her for a few days, they grew to love Elsa and couldn’t bring themselves to rehome her. That’s when they made the decision to keep her.

Now they couldn’t imagine their lives without Elsa. She’s a bundle of joy and has completely adapted to her new surroundings.

And we can’t forget that, thanks to her dedication towards her friend Hugo during their initial rescue, they both now live happily in their forever homes.

Raisa and Ray Animal Rescue via The Dodo

The power of friendship is for all to see in the animal kingdom as well as amongst humans! What a wonderful story!

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