The cat owner couldn’t hold her tears after learning where was her cat going, leaving her kittens

This heartwarming tale was quickly shared across the globe via social media. Another example of how our four-legged pals are more merciful than we are.

Mila, the cat, is today’s heroine. She shared a home with her owner. Her walk one day ended in her bringing kittens.

Mila was a very devoted and caring mother, but the owner has recently realized that the fluffy abandon her babies and departs for a short period of time. She feeds the kittens first, then leaves, and so on every day.

Eventually, the woman decided to keep track of the cat’s whereabouts by following it wherever she went. After learning the reality, she was unable to rationalize for some time.

According to the evidence gathered, the cat had gone to the woods near her home in order to provide milk to some newly born squirrels.

We don’t know where their mother went or how Mila learned of them. However, her mother instincts forbade her from abandoning the orphan squirrels.

So that the cat wouldn’t abandon her babies, the woman had to take the squirrels home with her.

The babies are doing great, thank goodness!


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