The Adopted Rescue Cat Is Ecstatic And Won’t Stop Hugging His Mother

A cat that was rescued from the streets is happy to find a permanent mommy. When they first met, he demonstrated his affection by giving her a hug and licking her face, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Honeycake’s red-haired cat had a difficult start to life, but he overcame a particularly cruel deed perpetrated by his previous family. When he and his younger brothers were kittens, their owner threw them out of a moving car after placing them in a trash bag.

The kittens were rescued by a good stranger who scooped them up and sent them to a neighboring shelter.

The kittens were transferred to a shelter, but there was an adoption deadline before they would be euthanized. Michigan Cat Rescue, a neighborhood cat rescue organization, decided to save the kitten and give him a second chance after discovering his plight.

He was brought to their facility, where they began searching for the perfect home for Honeycake, for which he was really grateful.

The beautiful redhead impatiently anticipated the adoption of the ideal person who would offer him with a better life every day.

After several months in the shelter, the long-awaited nurse Renee who met the gorgeous Honeycake finally showed up. The woman instantly decided to adopt the cat after deciding it was the ideal pet for her.

In an apparent effort to demonstrate her appreciation, Honeycake decided to snuggle up next to her, give her a bear hug, and smother her with kisses on the face.

The Michigan Cat Rescue team posted the following on Facebook:

Honeycake begins a new chapter in her life with Renee today. She had promised Honeycake (now Finnegan) nothing but love and kisses in the future.

Renee fell head over heels for the kitten as he sat in her arms and refused to go. He had chosen her as her human host. Finnegan and Renee have been together for over four years, and they are still living happily ever after.


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