Texas Man Caught On Camera Beating His Pet Dog Gets 25-Year Prison Sentence

A Texas man has been given a hefty 25-year prison sentence after being secretly caught by a passerby while beating and striking his dog violently. While many on social media are questioning such a severe prison sentence, the city of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services Department explained that the sentence also encompassed additional crimes.

Texas Man Caught On Camera Beating His Pet Dog Gets 25-Year Prison Sentence

A court in San Antonio, Texas sentenced a man to 25 years in jail for abusing his dog after he was captured on camera doing so.

The man was punished after video of him abusing his dog was captured.

According to KENS 5, a February 2019 incident depicted 56-year-old Frank Javier Fonesca ‘punching and kicking’ his Rottweiler dog outside of his home.

Texas Man Caught On Camera Beating His Pet Dog Gets 25-Year Prison Sentence

The man was observed aggressively assaulting his dog with his fists, a piece of wood, while choking and kicking it.

Animal Care Services investigators assert that Fonesca punished his dog for escaping his yard.

A passing stranger captured video of the abuse after observing the man thrashing his dog.

They were referred to be a “anonymous Good Samaritan” for identifying the instance of animal cruelty and obtaining the footage that revealed the perpetrator’s crime.

However, many people argue that although animal cruelty is a heinous conduct that should be condemned, a 25-year prison sentence is excessive.

In the meantime, the city of San Antonio asserts that Fonesca’s earlier offenses warranted a stiffer punishment.

The Department of Animal Care Services for the City of San Antonio disclosed that the man’s prior charges included narcotics possession and crimes of retribution.

This could be the longest prison sentence ever imposed in Texas for animal cruelty.

Buddy, the man’s Rottweiler, has since recovered from his wounds and found a new home to care for him.

We can only hope that the unfortunate dog’s new owners treat him better, especially because his previous owner will spend a significant portion of his life in prison for mistreating him.

Fonesca must remain in good standing if he wishes to be released from prison before he is 80.


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