Terrified Shelter Dog Unable to Trust Anyone But Her Foster Dad Gets Another Chance at Life

Blossom was absolutely terrified of everything. She was scared of noises, movement, and anyone or anything that approached her. It is so heart breaking to see her in the early minutes of this video, as she just doesn’t seem like she’s suited to this world.

Rocky Kanaka via The Dodo

She was rescued from a hoarding home by Rocky, a guy who has been saving and fostering dogs for years. He thought it might take Blossom a couple of weeks to fit into her new surroundings, but it ended up being months before she showed any signs of relaxing.

From the moment he took her in, Rocky realized that Blossom was learning how to be a dog. Everything scared her and every new experience seemed to set her back. She didn’t even know how to drink out of a water bowl and was scared by the feel of the grass on her feet.

Rocky Kanaka via The Dodo

It’s fair to say, then, that Rocky’s task was a lot more difficult than he anticipated. But he didn’t let that get him down. He hand cooked all of Blossom’s meals, built her a little bedroom of her own, and made her feel as comfortable as possible in her new surroundings.

The one day, Rocky was absolutely amazed that Blossom just decided to jump up on the sofa next to him. This seemed like the very start of her transformation. She began greeting other rescued dogs that arrived in Rocky’s house, and even wagged her tail for the very first time in her life.

Rocky Kanaka via The Dodo

The wonderful news is that Blossom has now found her forever home and is living her happy ever after with her new family. The patience and love that Rocky showed towards Blossom has given her a second chance in life, when it seemed like she was destined for a life of misery.

Great work, Rocky!

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