Sweet Video Shows Sleepy Squirrel Mom Sharing A Bed With Her Two Wiggly Kids

In truth, a parent’s job is never truly done, not even at the end of the day when darkness has descended.

Just ask the mother squirrel, who is currently fast asleep.

A squirrel’s nest in a backyard near the east coast of the United States was recently the subject of a charming YouTube video uploaded by wildlife enthusiasts. The mother squirrel and her two adorable cubs can be seen snuggling up together in the video.

Despite her obvious exhaustion, Mom always ensures that her wiggly children are as comfortable as possible:

Despite being exhausted following a long day, this squirrel mother is still taking care of her young, cuddling them and even using her tail as a blanket. However, this will not continue on indefinitely.

After around 10 to 12 weeks under Mom’s care, baby squirrels are normally mature enough to venture out on their own, allowing Mom to catch up on sleep uninterrupted.

Parents everywhere who have to share a bed with their children may undoubtedly empathize.

h/t: The DoDo


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