Stray Mama Cat Brings Her Babies To A Safe Place And Looks For Help

On one particular day Mama Ally chose to take her litter of kittens to a safe location. A North Carolina family was surprised to see her and her two kittens on their doorstep, pleading for help.

A woman who noticed a mother cat and her two kittens immediately contacted Sparkle Cat Rescue to report the situation.

Mama Ally’s pregnancy was also found.

Sarah Kelly, the organization’s founder, found a wonderful home for the mother cat.

As soon as she was brought home, “she instantly sought out affection from her foster, Monica,” Kelly said to The Dodo. The only place she’d rather be is curled up in your lap or on your arm. If she has left the house, she will spend the day napping on her shoes or apparel that smells like her. She enjoys spending time with others and receiving attention.”

Five babies were born to Ally. Isn’t she adorable?

Also, her two elder kittens have been taken in by the same family.

There is no doubt “Mama Ally is doing fantastic and soaking up all the baby snuggles — and the TLC from her foster,” Kelly told me. This family deserves a second shot and a happy ending, and we couldn’t be happier for them.


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