Stray Kitten Forces Traveling Couple to Take Her with them

When Margaret and her partner committed to living a life on the road, they never thought of adding a pet to their family. However, one day in Croatia, they were parked up in their camper van with the doors wide open.

POEN 161 Stray Kitten Forces Travelling Couple to Take Her with them

A delicate stray kitten used this as the perfect opportunity to hop inside the van and introduce herself to the couple. Little did they know, it would be the start of a blossoming relationship!

They decided to name the kitten Millie, and she began following them around everywhere. They went to the beach together, hiked through the countryside, and even shared a bed with the beautiful little animal.

POEN 163 Stray Kitten Forces Travelling Couple to Take Her with them
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However, when it was time for the couple to move on and head to their next destination, they made the surprising decision to leave Millie behind. They initially thought that it would be best for Millie to stay in an environment where she knew how to take care of herself.

When they got to the border ready to leave, they couldn’t stop thinking about the precious little cat that had meant so much to them during their travels. So they decided to go back for her.

They turned the van around and drove five hours north to go and find the cat that they’d left behind. Fortunately, Millie was delighted to see them and didn’t hold a grudge!

POEN 162 Stray Kitten Forces Travelling Couple to Take Her with them

She quickly jumped back into the van and continued as if nothing had happened. Although Millie was never part of the couple’s original plans, it’s now clear that they can’t go anywhere without their precious little kitten. Wherever they travel in the future, they will always make sure that there’s a place for Millie, and we’re sure they will never think about leaving her behind again!

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