Stray Dog Breaks Into Rescue Looking For Help

At her rescue, The Isle of Misfits Farm Sanctuary, Paige Graham has 20 animals with severe medical needs. She wasn’t looking for additional rescue animals to take in, but one found her.

Graham’s mother came out onto the farm’s screened porch one morning and observed that the door’s screen had been entirely pulled out. Then she realized the dog was just chilling on the porch.

The dog, eventually named Randy, was obviously in need of assistance but did not know how to beg for it, so he barged into the rescue. However, upon seeing Graham’s mother, he became frightened and changed his mind.

Graham told The Dodo, “He fled, but returned a few hours later when I was outside with my own dogs.” I didn’t know if he was nice, and I had some of my paralyzed Chihuahuas outdoors with me at the moment, so I was first a little worried. I drove him away so I could bring my dogs inside and then I locked the gate to my property. Before I could bring my dogs inside, Randy had already dug under my gate and returned to my property!”

Even though he was apprehensive, Randy knew that the rescue was where he needed to be to receive assistance, so he returned and stayed this time.

Graham stated, “As soon as I put Randy on a leash, it was evident that he had a beautiful personality.” “He did not appear to comprehend affection or belly rubs, but if I petted him, he would press his body against mine. I never heard him bark; he was so tranquil!”

@isle.of.misfits A dog broke INTO our rescue! #straytoyay #fyp #founddog ♬ original sound – Paige @ Isle of Misfits

Graham immediately recognized Randy and recalled she had previously saw him running around near the farm. She assumed he belonged to someone because he appeared to be wearing a collar, but as she observed him rummaging through neighbors’ trash cans, she began inquiring about his owner. As soon as she had Randy in her care, she brought him to other adjacent homes and knocked on doors, asking if he belonged to anyone. When no one claimed him, she posted flyers throughout the community. She suspected he did not have a family, but she wanted to take every precaution just in case.

When Randy arrived at the rescue, he was infested with fleas and had multiple wounds that required treatment. Graham brought him to the veterinarian, where he received the necessary care and was scanned for a microchip. When Graham realized he did not have a house, she immediately set out to find him the best one. She was unable to care for him on her own, but luckily she knew others who could assist.

Graham stated, “I filed a found dog report with the local sheriff and animal control, and I also placed Randy on my rescue’s social media accounts, but no one ever claimed him.” “I am in the middle of constructing a ‘small house village’ on my farm to house my rescue animals, and when Randy showed up, I genuinely did not have place for another dog. One of my foster mothers graciously offered to take him in for me. When his hold term expires, she has expressed interest in adopting him.

Randy had been searching for so long for someone to take him in and love him; he knew that The Isle of Misfits Farm Sanctuary was the appropriate location for him to seek assistance. Obviously, he was entirely correct.

Graham remarked, “I don’t know how Randy located my house or why he was so persistent on coming back, but I’m so grateful he did.” “In his foster-to-adopt family, he is currently being lavished daily, and I couldn’t be happier for him. He is the most adorable puppy and deserves a forever home.”


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