Stray Cat Approaches Family and Selects Them as Her Rescuers

When Michelle and Mikayla returned from church one day, they kept hearing a crying sound close to their back door. As they entered their garden, they noticed that a stray cat was sitting on the porch, looking for someone to help her.

Michelle and Mikayla via The Dodo

The cat was extremely skinny and appeared to be starving, so they gave her some food and milk right away to help her improve her strength. Michelle realized that the cat wanted to come straight into the house and wasn’t remotely intimidated in the company of humans.

She thought this was strange behavior for a stray, and Michelle thought that it was probably the fact that the cat realized that it was her last chance of help.

Michelle and Mikayla via The Dodo

As soon as the cat looked into Michelle’s eyes, her and her daughters knew that they would do everything to ensure the cat would heal. They vowed to take the cat in no matter what and began nursing her back to health.

When they took her to the vet, it was a grim prognosis for the cat. The vet thought she had cancer, an autoimmune disease, and she was also severely anemic. Her chances of survival were slim to say the least.

Michelle and Mikayla via The Dodo

Michelle decided to put the cat, who they called Amelia, on a strict organic diet and fed her supplements that boosted her health and immunity. After just a month, the vet couldn’t believe it was even the same cat, and it was clear that Michelle’s diet and healthcare plan had worked a treat.

Now, Amelia is a playful and loving house cat, who just loves to be in the company of her human companions. She’s almost unrecognizable from the cat who turned up in their back yard demanding to be rescued.

Michelle and Mikayla via The Dodo

It just goes to show that even the sickliest of animals, with the right love and attention, can make a remarkable recovery to full health. Kudos to Michelle, Mikayla, and the rest of the family for taking such good care of Amelia and giving her this wonderful chance in life.

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