Someone Looks At Ignored Crippled Stray For The First Time And She Smiles

It’s heartbreaking to learn that many other countries have an overabundance of homeless animals.

Strays can be found almost anywhere you go. Rescue groups and animal enthusiasts are unable to keep up due to budgetary constraints and the costs of spaying or neutering an animal.

The rescuers in this story noticed a dog, subsequently named Kaew, who was straining to move. In Thailand, she was discovered living along a bridge. Her injuries were caused by a car that hit her many years ago. Her bones healed in such a horrible way that she had to move around using her mouth and hind legs.

It’s a wonder Kaew has lasted this long. Despite her difficulties, she is compassionate and loving. Her rescuers came to pick her up and take her to the emergency veterinarian. The fact that she was ever noticed was the first wonderful thing to happen to her. She had the impression that she genuinely mattered. And she succeeds!

Take a peek at her beautiful smile! Her smile definitely brings joy to the heart.

The vet examined her and discovered she was terribly underweight. She was put on a high-calorie diet and given IV fluids. They will then attempt to strengthen her atrophied muscles. Kaew may have a fighting chance with physical therapy and surgery in the immediate future. We hope that the medical staff can perform miracles.

It upsets us to think of how many strays walk around miserably, living from meal to meal. But with each small miracle, like as Kaew’s, we gain hope that decent people are working to make a difference.


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