Shelter Dog Who Refused To Look At Anyone Makes The Most Amazing Transformation

When Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt viewed Clementine’s portrait online, she was just two days away from being put to sleep.

The dog was discovered by animal control in Southern California a few weeks earlier. Cossairt had been placed on “death row” at the shelter because of her various health difficulties, but something in the small photo spoke to Cossairt’s heart.

As a result, she submitted an application and was promptly contacted by a rescue.


According to Cossairt, the worker at Ginger’s Pet Rescue was “floored” and “in tears” when she found out about our interest in the dog. In the past two weeks, they’d received dozens of applications for dogs, but not one for Clementine.

Because of Clementine’s state, the rescue worker predicted a long and uncertain journey ahead of her. But Cossairt had already decided that she would do all she could to help the dog’s wounds heal.


Upon meeting Clementine for the first time, Cossairt realized the dog had never been loved before.

When asked about Clementine’s fear of people, Cossairt recalled that the young girl would not look anyone in the eyes. “For months, she sat facing the wall, shaking constantly.”

“She had defeated, vacant eyes.” she added. As soon as we were within range of her, she bowed her head and refused to look at us.

Clementine, on the other hand, did trust other dogs and was quickly drawn to her new furry siblings, Moose and Maple. Cossairt had a glimpse of the happy dog Clementine may have become at that moment.

“She found solace in their company and would follow them around the home or yard as a pack,” Cossairt recalled.


Clementine eventually started to feel better and quit shivering after months of medication for illnesses and allergies. She was even able to look her human parents in the eye and tell them she loved them.

A new favorite activity for Clementine is gazing lovingly at her mother seven months later.


While being petted, Cossairt noted that “she loves to look deeply into our eyes” as well as being “extremely attentive” while she is being spoken to. We still have to be careful not to scare her if we move too rapidly or come up behind her, but she’s come a long way since the beginning.


She has become a whole different dog. She’s curious and playful, as though she had never been a puppy before. She’s finally safe, and that’s the most important thing.


She has allowed us to pet her tummy for the first time since we brought her home for pets, and she enjoys lying at our feet when we work from home.In our opinion, this is her method of investigating and figuring out what things are because she “boops” everything in sight. We often wonder if she was ever a puppy at all because of her puppy-like demeanor. If you stop petting her or if she’s not finished, she’ll nudge your hand.

In the short time since she was adopted, Clementine has blossomed into a confident, happy dog. Now, she’s willing to do everything for her family, and they can’t imagine their lives without her.

I love her because she’s so kind and gentle. ” Cossairt mentioned that. “We were able to discern from the start that she simply wanted to be loved and reciprocated.” She’s protective and loyal to us, and she always follows us around.

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