Shelter Dog Who Can’t Stop Smiling Finds Her Forever Home

When Nicole and Matthew saw a social media post about a pittie puppy on their timeline, they immediately jumped into action. Nicole looked at the pictures and saw an adorable, smiling puppy, who was in desperate need of a home.

Nicole and Matthew via The Dodo

The next day she and her partner Matthew went to the shelter to meet the pup, and immediately fell in love with her. The couple knew right away that they were going to rehome the pittie, and took the necessary steps to become her parents.

They decided to call the pup Layla, and they were so thrilled to provide her forever home. They introduced Layla to their other dogs and were delighted when they seemed to get on so well and she settled right into her new place.

Nicole and Matthew via The Dodo

Although she enjoyed playing with her canine siblings, it took Layla a little while to find her feet! She was wobbly and made the most adorable noises, but it wasn’t long before she settled into life with her new friends.

Nicole and Matthew via The Dodo

Everything was a new experience for Layla, whether it was running up and down the stairs, playing with toys, or sharing the bed with her siblings. It was evident that she had never been in a loving home before, so the environment that Nicole and Matthew provided was hugely welcome and the pittie loved being one of the family.

Nicole and Matthew via The Dodo

Matthew loves the fact that when he comes home from work in the evening, Layla is there to jump up and greet him. But his favorite thing about her? It has to be her huge and warming smile that reminds him of how grateful she is to have been rescued.

You can keep up with Layla and her crew by following her on Instagram.

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