Shelter Dog Gets Out Of Kennel One Night And Throws A Party

Since he was a puppy, Gilligan has been a resident of the Bedford County Humane Society in Pennsylvania. He had a terrible start in life, which left him with a lot of issues to address, so the shelter decided to make him the office greeter—a job he adores.

Joyce Ross, a Bedford County Humane Society staffer, told The Dodo that “he has an excellent office greeting.” “Every time someone passes through the door, he lets us know while patiently waiting for the guest to bring him goodies or a new toy.” He has unquestionably made progress.”


Someone at the shelter was closing up for the night recently and put Gilligan in his kennel but didn’t latch it properly. He was able to wiggle the door open and set himself free after everyone had gone home for the night. He was all alone in the shelter and free to do whatever he pleased, so he threw himself a party.

“He spent a long time checking to see whether there was anyone in the building,” Ross explained. “Once he realized he was alone, he immediately went for the toys.” He took them out of the pile we had just received from all of our Christmas donations, one by one, and brought them into the hallway to play with them and pull the squeakers out.”

Gilligan let loose and dragged his new toys all over the place. His shambles filled numerous corridors and rooms. It certainly was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

@stardust9822 Gillagan had one crazy night last night. 🥰 #funnydogvideos #shelterdogs #dog ♬ original sound – Stardust9822

When everyone came back to the shelter the next day, there was no need to figure out who had made the mess. Gilligan was right there, doing a little happy dance, so proud of himself and eager to take responsibility for the situation.

“He had no guilt and was relieved to see a familiar face,” Ross explained.

Everyone was relieved to find that Gilligan had kept his party largely restrained as they inspected the shambles. He hadn’t gone looking for food or anything. He’d only been interested in the toys with squeakers, and he’d made it obvious to all of the other dogs at the shelter that they were now his.


“Everyone at the shelter thought it was hilarious that, of course, he wouldn’t damage anything in the facility except the dog toys, which had no chance,” Ross explained. “First, we searched through all of the toys to see if there were any survivors that could be played with again.” He saved the majority of the ones that didn’t have a squeaker because that’s what he was looking for. The cleanup was rather simple once we collected some of the items that could be repurposed.”

No one could be furious at Gilligan, despite the fact that he threw a party without authorization. He’d had a tough childhood and just wanted to live out his goals, and judging by the mess, he certainly made the most of it.

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