Senior rescue dog learns to prance around like a puppy

When their pets become old or are diagnosed with a fatal disease, many pet owners decide to leave them behind. The good news is that there are still people out there who are willing to take care of animals like these. Zach Skow proved this point to the world. Zach happened to get a glimpse of the kennel owners removing Henry from his pen one day. The poor dog had lost sight in one eye and was probably 15 or 16 years old at the time. Additionally, he was suffering from a malignant tumor on his body. As a result, when he emerged from the kennel, the dog was bewildered.

Adorable dog

To honor Zach’s decision to take in the dog, Zach opted to call him Henry. The last few days of Henry’s life, he wanted to give him the love of a family. Zach noted Henry’s looks of pain as they drove back home. After all, the travel home was long. So, he did everything he could to keep the dog happy and relaxed.

On arrival at Zach’s house, his daughter ran out to see the new addition. Standing up was difficult for Henry. As a result, Zach decided to allow the dog to rest as much as possible without interfering with him. His health improved dramatically after his first full night’s slumber. The next day, he awoke full of energy and enthusiasm.

Adorable dog and his owner

Hour by hour, Henry’s condition improved. Zach took Henry to the vet after feeding him to get his testicles removed since he had testicular cancer. Henry’s condition improved greatly after the surgery. The dog’s life had taken a dramatic turn for the better. He was always broadening his skill set and learning new things. Henry chose one day to follow Zach up the stairs.

Henry was always giddy in the mornings, galloping and running around like a crazy man. Soon after, he and Zach were running about in the wide fields. I swear the dog looked like he was getting younger all the time. Zach was convinced that a member of Henry’s family held the secret to his recovery. Henry would go berserk and start jumping about whenever he saw Zach.

Adorable dog

Soon after, Zach began getting adoption applications from people who were aware of Henry’s condition and advanced age. Dancer, his next foster dog, arrived a few days later. Zach wanted to offer Henry all the love he could before he died.


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