Senior dog forms the cutest bond with girl who walks through his door

Sheitan is a sweet 12-year-old boxer mix who has been tied to a residence for most of her life. When she met Bridget Hammond, her life changed dramatically. The cute puppy is appreciative of whatever companionship she can have and really appreciates it when her mother brings foster kittens into the house.

Sheitan, an older dog, is extremely social and often makes friends without her mother’s awareness. Bridget had just finished working on her computer when she entered the living room and spotted her tiny puppy sitting alongside a stunning young lady she didn’t recognize.

Bridget, who spoke with The Dodo,

“She exudes such a tranquil demeanor. She is just interested in being caressed and fed. She appears to have had a lot of puppies in the past, and thus loves and looks after the kittens.


For slightly more than a half-hour, the small girl and Sheitan sat on opposite sides of the glass door separating them. Throughout that time span, the dog remained still.

Bridget could tell that they were enjoying themselves and had discovered company in one another.

According to the woman, the following occurred:

“I walked into my living room and discovered them seated in this manner, conversing on the phone while watching television.” I believe neither of them were aware of my presence. I merely stood aside and allowed them to go about their business.”


According to Bridget, the girl was unaware, but her companionship made Sheitan immensely happy in that brief period; what she craves at all times is someone to sit with her and hang out. Unfortunately, the playdate was not extended beyond that point, and the girl was obliged to return home.


“, Bridget stated.

“When she finally looked up and noticed me clearing the dishes, I simply smiled and resumed watching her program.” Her parents reappeared and summoned her, and she smiled and walked over to her parents’ house.



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