Security Camera Catches the Moment When a Brave Dog Saves Her Little Brother Who Fell Into the Family Swimming Pool

While dogs are naturally good swimmers, this little guy called Chuck nearly had a fatal experience in a family swimming pool, while his parents were away.

Security cameras captured the extraordinary moment when little Chuck accidentally fell into the pool, and although he could stay afloat, he couldn’t manage to get himself out of the water.

Byron Thanarayen

Although Chuck was in a perilous situation, he was about to be rescued by his superhero sister, Jessie.

Byron Thanarayen

But how the story unfolds is almost as remarkable as the story itself!

When Byron Thanarayen and his wife returned home, they couldn’t work out why Chuck was soaking wet. They decided to check the home security camera footage to see if they could see what had happened. And they couldn’t believe their eyes when they reviewed the footage.

As soon as Chuck slips into the water, Jessie stays close by, monitoring the situation. After several attempts to climb out of the pool himself, Chuck looks helpless and Jessie realizes that something needs to be done.

Jessie waited patiently at the side of the pool until Chuck was within reaching distance, before pulling him out of the pool. The footage made it clear that, without Jessie’s heroic actions, there was very little way that Chuck could have got out of the pool.

Byron recalls:

“We were stunned. We had no idea Jessie was such a little hero. I mean, she is a very loveable, caring, and warm-natured dog. But we never thought that she had that hero streak in her. She received lots of treats and hugs and kisses, and still receives so much attention and appreciation. She loves Chuck a lot. I always knew she was a special dog, and this just proves it.”

Byron Thanarayen

He also realized that he needed to do something to bolster security around the pool, and vowed to increase the poolside protection for the dogs.

It was also a good thing that they had installed poolside security cameras. After all, had they not been able to review the footage, they would have had no idea how much of a hero Jessie is! Great work, Jessie. Thanks so much for saving your little brother!