San Diego Couple Has Rescued Ninety MILLION Bees and Counting!

San Diego Couple Has Rescued Ninety MILLION Bees and Counting!

People don’t often realize just how important bees are to the ecosystem. They play a crucial role in pollinating plants and keeping populations of smaller insects under control.

Even if you do recognize their importance, you may well be like countless others and be a little bit cautious of bees! After all, their sting can be painful, so many of us run a mile when we see a swarm in the vicinity.

However, for a couple in San Diego, they’re dedicated to safely removing bees from properties and transferring them to a safe spot.

Jeff & Julie via The Dodo

As we can see from this awesome video, the removal of bees isn’t actually a hugely difficult process. Once the couple find and direct the Queen Bee, the others will follow, such as the structure of hives.

But Jeff and Julie certainly don’t take their protective clothing for granted! Although they’ve been stung too many times to count, it’s important that they protect themselves when they go into remove a hive.

Jeff & Julie via The Dodo

After all, the process involves getting thousands of bees extremely angry, something that is unavoidable! If they weren’t wearing protective clothing, they would be in very real danger!

Jeff and Julie are totally dedicated to their work. They’re motivated to try and save as many bees as possible, and their removal service is becoming more and more popular, as people are starting to truly understand the value of bees.

Once the bees have been rescued, they donated them to their beekeeper friends. This ensures they are safe and won’t return directly to the spot that they’ve just been taken from!

Jeff & Julie via The Dodo

Jeff tells us about the important role that bees play:

“It’s important for people to understand that bees are not just any other little pest. They are actually super important to our environment. They’re the creatures that are responsible for a third of all the food we eat. Whenever they transfer a little bit of pollen, that all helps to spread out the genetics of the plants.”

To follow their remarkable bee-saving exploits, you can follow them on Instagram.

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