Rescued Circus Lion Yearns for Her Cubs and Doesn’t Rest Until They’re Reunited

I’m of the opinion that every single circus that uses any animal as a form of entertainment should be shutdown. Animals are not pawns for human entertainment and those entrapping and mistreating animals for such a purpose should be dealt with by the relevant authorities.

Kiara via The Dodo

The circus is absolutely no place for wild animals like lions. They should be free to roam the great African savannahs, hunting their prey and living as nature intended. Not made to jump through hoops and play fight with humans.

When this lioness was rescued from the circus, you might think that she would be relieved. But her rescuers came to learn that the circus owners had taken her cubs away from her.

Kiara via The Dodo

Rescuers worked so hard to rescue the animals from this circus in Peru. They initially noticed that they had four adult lions and two cubs. But the circus refused to give up the cubs and would only allow rescuers to take three lions.

Kiara, the lioness, was absolutely distraught to be driven away from the circus without her cubs. She wouldn’t eat or rest in her new enclosure, and it seemed that she wouldn’t settle until she was reunited with her babies.

Kiara via The Dodo

Imagine not being content with taking away Kiara’s freedom, the circus was now refusing to give up her cubs. But rescuers were more determined than ever to fight for Kiara and go back for the cubs they initially had to leave behind.

By a weird twist of fate, the circus from which Kiara had been rescued encountered trouble. One of the lions had injured an audience member, and there was every chance that the lion would be put down.

This gave rescuers the authority they needed to return to the circus to rescue the lion in question as well as Kiara’s cubs.

Kiara via The Dodo

Thankfully, Kiara was reunited with her cubs and she no longer has to feel the unimaginable pain of being separated from her young ones.

While this is a happy ending to one story, it’s not enough to rest on our laurels and assume that other rescues will end this way. We need to do everything we can to boycott circuses and show these people that mistreating animals for human entertainment is intolerable.

You can watch the full episode of the rescue of Kiara and her cubs here.

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