Rooster Moves Himself Into this Couple’s House and Never Leaves

Rooster Moves Himself Into this Couple’s House and Never Leaves!

Ronnie the rooster decided one day that he wanted to live with some humans. 

So, he appeared outside of Chaz’s window and refused to leave until she took him in! While she was unsure at first what on earth was going on, she quickly came to realise that the rooster was just looking for some company.

Ronnie via the Dodo

When Chaz opened the front door to let her dogs out into the yard, Ronnie saw it as the perfect opportunity to wander into the house and formally introduce himself. 

Chaz’s partner, Michael, was only too happy to welcome the rooster into their home. He even built him a perch and a house of his own, so he could feel comfortable in his new environment. 

Ronnie via the Dodo

Ronnie loves flying up to the ceiling fan so he can boast the best view of the house and look down on his humans and dogs. Chaz says that he loves the attention that he receives and he makes himself feel right at home in his new surroundings. 

But one of Ronnie’s favourite ways to pass the time is to stare at himself in the mirror. He even seems to challenge his own reflection by jumping up and flapping his wings! 

Ronnie via the Dodo

When they were out playing in the yard with the dogs, Chaz and Michael were pleasantly surprised when Ronnie involved himself in their games! In fact, he loved chasing the dog’s toys around the yard, and if it wasn’t for his appearance, you could well mistake him for a friendly little puppy! 

And you might be surprised to hear that Ronnie is remarkably disciplined when it comes to where he does his business. It’s almost like he’s house trained, and he doesn’t cause his humans any issues.

Ronnie via the Dodo

The only time that Chaz questions her sanity is at 4.30 in the morning, when Ronnie tells everyone it’s time to get out of bed and start the day!

Ronnie via the Dodo

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