Researchers left cameras in the woods hoping to film grizzly bears but they got a genuinely dancing show

Some dancing bears have been seen on camera by a BBC team while filming a show for one of their shows. There are numerous circuses to choose from. A black bear and a grizzly bear have also been photographed by Kate Kendall of the U.S. Geological Survey and her colleagues in hilarious stances, doing Latin dancing, and rubbing their backs against trees. However, these giants possess some impressive abilities!

YouTube/BBC Earth

It’s all part of a broader project to figure out how many bears live in the wild and where they live in the state of Montana in the United States. Scientists believe that these dancing bears are scratching their backs in more difficult-to-reach areas, but they are also communicating the existence of other bears to other bears.

YouTube/BBC Earth

“This may be a molecular kind of communication.” “Bears usually sniff trees first before scratching them,” Kendall explained. However, as the BBC’s film crew put it: “There are times when bears just have to scratch.”

The video is below, so you can see all of the hysterical moments!


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