Rescued Kitten Changes Guy’s Opinion of Cats

When Sam and his partner left work, they noticed a tiny kitten underneath their car. She was so scared that she crawled into the space within the car’s tire, hoping to escape the attention of passers-by.

Sam via The Dodo

Sam knew that he had to act, and he managed to coax the kitten from the tire and took her into his car. With his partner, they drove home and took the kitten in, providing her with food, water, and shelter throughout the night.

They decided to call the kitten Luna, and quickly realized that the cat was terrified of every little sound and movement.

Sam via The Dodo

The following day, they took Luna to the vet to check on her health, and they were delighted to learn that she was given the all clear. Although she was a little underweight and clearly scared, with some love and care she would be absolutely fine.

After returning home with Luna, Sam and his girlfriend started falling in love with Luna, and realized that they had been given a gift as the kitten came into their lives.

Sam via The Dodo

Although Sam admits that he wasn’t originally ‘a cat person,’ as soon as Luna came into his life, his thoughts about the animals changed. He realized just how wonderful cats are, and was delighted to welcome Luna permanently into his family.

Luna was scared of everything at first, but now she’s very playful, relaxed around her humans, and even enjoys long trips out in the car!

Sam via The Dodo

Now that several months have passed since Luna’s rescue, her parents couldn’t imagine their lives without her. She has settled perfectly into her new surroundings, and is living the life of a princess, that every cat undeniably deserves.

To keep up with Luna’s new life with her loving owners, you can follow her on Instagram.

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