Rescued Donkey Behaves Like A Puppy When He Sees His Daddy Coming Home

All of the baby creatures are adorable, without a doubt. It’s possible that an adorable character will steal the spotlight from time to time, however. Similarly, this small donkey, who not only thinks but also behaves like a dog, falls into this category. Everyone, please meet Walter!

The mother of this darling donkey abandoned him when he was just a few days old. A kind couple Kelly and Brad Blake intervened in time to save the life of the young orphan. In the end, they decided to adopt him and make him a member of their family.

Brad explained to The Dodo that Walter’s mother turned him down because he was too young. “We were summoned and asked if we wanted to adopt Walter after they tried for 10 hours to locate his mother. We, of course, answered yes!”

Walter was helped enormously by the Blakes, who also have three dogs in their home, who showed their care and affection for him from the start. Walter’s relationship with his father is a one-of-a-kind one between the rescued animal and his new family. Seeing his father back in town, the baby couldn’t contain his excitement.

Since Walter grew raised around three dogs, it’s easy to understand why he thinks he’s a dog. Walter “felt right at home” with Brad and his three German Shepherds from the start. “They helped us raise him and instill in him a sense of respect for our home.”

Even the lovely donkey’s tail wags when he’s excited. Every time he learns his human father, he does the same thing. His father remarked, “Walter behaved like a puppy.” As soon as we arrived back at our house, his tail started wagging. He was ecstatic.” In order for me to fall in love with him, he has to leap and touch me.


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