Rescue Rabbit The Size Of A Dog Is Looking For Someone To Love All Of Her

When the RSPCA received a report that numerous bunnies were being neglected, the organization dispatched a team of investigators to investigate. When they arrived, they were shocked by what they saw.

Not only were 47 rabbits maintained in small, crowded, filthy conditions, but several of the bunnies were Flemish giants, making many of them enormous. According to the RSPCA, the heaviest of the group weighed approximately 18 pounds and was the same size as a medium-sized dog, “such as a Jack Russell terrier or King Charles spaniel.”

The rabbits were considerably too large for the cages in which they were housed, and they were not being cared for properly in general. After being rescued, each animal was examined by a veterinarian to ensure its health.

An RSPCA inspector, Trevor Walker, stated in a press release, “These poor bunnies were living in tight and filthy conditions that would have been quite unpleasant for them, particularly in the heat.” “Fortunately, a veterinarian determined that they are all in fair health, although one is on medication for teary eyes and a laceration on the back of his neck.”

With the exception of a few minor concerns, the bunnies are all doing exceptionally well under the care of the RSPCA, and once they have had time to settle in and decompress, they will all be available for adoption.

Walker stated, “We hope they will find loving homes.” They will make excellent companion animals due to their pleasant demeanor.

Some of the bunnies are clearly larger than many people may anticipate, but with the proper research and care, they will become lovely additions to a number of fortunate households. These lovable giants are desperate for affection and cannot wait to find their everlasting homes.


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