Rescue Dog Waits All Day For The Man Who Saved Her To Get Home From Work

Recently, Sara Fitzwater’s husband arrived at one of the coal mines that he travels for work and noticed an apparently alone dog in the distance. His initial confusion over her origins quickly faded when he returned to see her there again and again.

Fitzwater informed The Dodo that “someone had dropped her off in the vicinity.” Whenever my husband would visit this mine, “she would run to him and smile at him.””

He had fallen in love with the dog. His position in her heart had been secured.

Fitzwater’s husband decided to take the adorable dog home with him after one of his visits to the mine, where he would keep her secure and loved as his family’s new pet. They called her Sadie Kate.

The eagerness of the abandoned pup to be rescued has come to an end. But every day afterward, Sadie Kate still has something she eagerly anticipates.

And now her hero is returning.

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“I thought it was cute because I work from home,” Fitzwater said of the woman waiting for him on the street. In my wildest dreams, I never expected her to keep doing it every single day.”

Sweetest homecoming for Sadie Kate.

Previously alone in the world, the dog had found her soulmate.

And he’s worth the wait every time.

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Sadie Kate’s adoration for her husband comes as no surprise to Fitzwater. This guy has the kind of heart that makes it easy to fall in love with him.

Whenever she smiled at him, Fitzwater would tell her, “she hit the jackpot.”

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