Red Parrot Introduces His Girlfriend to His Favourite Human

Red Parrot Introduces His Girlfriend to His Favourite Human

Kat absolutely loves birds, and she is blessed to have many daily visitors to her balcony, including magpies, kookaburras, and parrots. She looks forward to every morning when she opens the blinds to see which birds have visited her, and she began to take note of the many different characteristics that each bird possesses.

Amongst the visitors was a friendly, strangely outgoing red parrot. Red parrots tend to be extremely shy, particularly when compared to regular parrots, and it’s unusual for them to stick around humans for an extended period of time.

The Dodo

However, Kat noticed that the same red parrot arrived on her balcony every day, and she began to take notice of the beautiful bird every time he arrived to greet her. She recalls when she first noticed the parrot arriving on her balcony:

“This bright red parrot really stood out from all the other birds. He would watch from the gum tree by the edge of the balcony, then he started to get closer and sit on the balcony after a while. He’d sit there and stare through the window, which was really cute.”

In this stunning video, you see the moment that Kat’s relationship with the parrot reaches a new level. After sitting with the parrot for a while, he decided to jump on her shoulder, and squawked in her ear as if he was trying to tell her something. She decided to call him Rupert.

POEN 90 Red Parrot Introduces His Girlfriend to His Favourite Human
The Dodo

One day, Rupert decided that he wanted to introduce Kat to a very special someone: his girlfriend Greta. She now always comes along with Rupert, and is always a couple of paces behind when he’s walking along the balcony on his way to greet his friend Kat.

POEN 91 Red Parrot Introduces His Girlfriend to His Favourite Human
The Dodo

On their relationship, Kat tells us:

“She’s a very supportive girlfriend. They do fun things like dance together. When he’s not here, I just imagine him having the time of his life with Greta.”

Kat’s relationship with the birds shows us that we don’t need to interfere in nature in order to benefit from it. We can just sit at home, create a safe space for nature to come to us, and witness the world as it should be.

Given that red parrots are normally shy and unassuming, it’s so wonderful to see that Kat was able to develop such a rich bond with Rupert and Greta.

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