Puppy Rescued from the Train Tracks Finds The Perfect Couple To Nurse Him Back to Health

When Second Chance Rescue found Maverick on some train tracks in Georgia, it was clear to them that he was in a seriously bad way. He was emaciated, shivering, and clearly terrified of humans, but he was happy to be rescued all the same.

It was clear to foster mum Nicole that Maverick had experienced abuse and neglect, and she was determined to give him the love and care that every dog deserves.

Second Chance Rescue via The Dodo

So Nicole and her partner Cam transported Maverick from Georgia up to New York and were ready to give him their undivided care and attention.

In spite of his obviously traumatic past, Maverick was just so thrilled to be in Nicole and Cam’s apartment. He immediately made himself at home and loved playing with anything within his reach, and was just a joy to be around from day one.

Second Chance Rescue via The Dodo

One thing they did notice, however, was just how much Maverick loved his food. This is perhaps little surprise given how emaciated he was when he was rescued, but Cam and Nicole tried to slow his eating down a little by purchasing a food puzzle that seemed to make a difference.

His foster parents had to remind themselves constantly how much Maverick had been through, because he never showed any signs of depression or worry. He was just thrilled to be with them and seemingly happy to be alive.

Second Chance Rescue via The Dodo

But as with all foster stories, Nicole was dreading the time when she would have to say goodbye. When Maverick received an application, a lady visited their apartment and took him out for a walk.

Second Chance Rescue via The Dodo

She too was taken aback by Maverick’s wonderful personality and decided to adopt him right away. While it was undoubtedly a bittersweet moment for Nicole and Cam, saying goodbye to Maverick means they can welcome another foster dog into their home in the near future.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to rescue Maverick and provide him with a second chance in life!

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