Puppy Best Friends Greet One Another With A Hug Every Time They See Each Other

When children grow up on the same block, they often become friends and playdate at one other’s homes.

They normally create a tight friendship because they are neighbors and see each other frequently. But this isn’t simply the case for human children; it also happens to be the case for these furry neighbors.

Cooper, a Havanese, and Simba, a tiny Goldendoodle, are neighbors and best buddies. Simba is owned by Roberto Couto of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, who told Newsweek that Simba and Cooper go on walks together with their respective families’ children. They’ve become utterly close, and when the two are away, Simba would sometimes sneak out of his garden only to see Cooper.

The adorable duo has been best friends since they were young puppies, when their families got them around the same time. They are always so happy to see each other and greet each other in the sweetest way.

During one of their meetings, Couto snapped a picture of the friendly pair hugging each other. They are both standing upright on their hind legs with their front paws wrapped around each other in the most human-like pose. Couto posted the heartwarming photo in the Facebook group “Dogspotting Society,” where it quickly went viral with more than 11,000 likes. It was also posted on Twitter, where it amassed more than 300,000 likes.

As far as I know, this wasn’t just a one-off incident Every time they see each other, the two furry best friends give each other the same warm hug. They adore each other and consider themselves quite fortunate to be so near to one another. That, my friends, is the essence of friendship! Our only hope now is that neither of their families decides to move!


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