Police officer risks life to save dog from raging fire

Numerous times, we have witnessed dedicated police officers placing their own lives in danger in order to save others. However, these heroic men and women do not only safeguard humans, but also animals. So, when it came to saving a helpless dog in severe need, this officer didn’t hesitate to risk his life to save the poor pup. The incident was captured on film by the police officer’s coworkers!

Policía Federal de México

The dramatic scenario occurred in Mexico, and the Federal Police released the video online as a reminder to the public that these officers are always ready to protect everyone, even if it means putting their lives in danger.

“When doing our work, we encounter various problems,” Mexico’s Federal Police posted on Facebook, “always with the goal of safeguarding life!”

Policía Federal de México

A group of cops sent to a house fire saw a terrified dog stuck behind a fence as the fire spread quickly. One of the officers hurried forward to help the helpless critter. Footage shows the heroic cop cornering the dog; he eventually managed to pull the puppy into his arms, and the two made it to safety.

The dog, named Lulu, was defending the property when the fire erupted, according to local media. The Federal Police did not provide any information on how the fire started or whether anyone was injured.

Here’s a video of the dramatic rescue!


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