Police Dog Stabbed In Line Of Duty, Has Simon Cowell Fighting Back Tears On BGT

Finn, a 9-year-old German Shepherd who used to be a police dog, was on Britain’s Got Talent with his handler, Dave Wardell, recently.

They wowed the crowd and judges with their mind-reading abilities, but it was their incredible tale that had everyone in tears!

A few months ago, Dave was tackling an armed suspect when the suspect suddenly struck him with a 10-inch blade. The brave Finn instinctively defended Dave and was stabbed in the chest and head as a result.

Dave handcuffed the culprit and took Finn to the hospital. Finn’s lungs were perforated, but his heart was unharmed. The physicians rushed him to the hospital for emergency surgery and were able to save his life!

Finn was linked up to a variety of breathing assistance and machines over the next three weeks. Finn was back on the streets, fighting crime and saving the day after a long and arduous rehabilitation phase. He eventually retired, and Dave brought him home to live happily ever after as his family dog!

To express his gratitude to his best friend, Dave has been advocating for “Finn’s law,” which calls for stiffer penalties for injuring service dogs. It’s no surprise that a teary-eyed Simon made a particular gesture to this couple after the performance. Now that Finn has retired, we’re confident he’ll come up with even more mind-blowing tricks to keep us all amazed!

Click the video below to see Finn and Dave’s dramatic story that will have you in tears!


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