Pittie Learns to Love His Playful Kitten Brother

As Nathan was out and about one day, he heard a high-pitched meowing coming from a drain. Worried, he investigated the noise and saw that a tiny kitten had fallen into the drain and was asking for help.

Nathan via The Dodo

After managing to pry open the drain, Nathan and his partner took the cat to the vet to make sure he wasn’t injured, and they were relieved to learn that he was in good health.

They took the kitten home and decided to name him TicTac. They were initially a little anxious about introducing their kitten to their family dog, Ziggy, as they weren’t sure how he was going to react.

Nathan via The Dodo

But it turned out that TicTac loved having a dog around, but Ziggy wasn’t so sure. In fact, in the early days, he was downright scared of the kitten and wasn’t sure why he now had to share his home with this strange creature!

It took a while, but after about two weeks, Ziggy finally came around to the fact that he had a new brother. It was then that he warmed to TicTac and started snuggling into the kitten at every chance he got.

Nathan via The Dodo

Soon, the pair started sleeping and playing together, and they quickly became inseparable. One of Ziggy’s favorite things is to sunbathe in the garden, but TicTac finds it boring, so he interrupts his peace and quiet and tries to initiate play.

Nathan via The Dodo

The two now have an incredible bond and love spending time together. In spite of a shaky start, Ziggy and TicTac are now the best of friends, and just go to show that dogs and cats can form the most heart-warming friendships.

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