Woman Was Scared Of Neighbor’s Pit Bull — Until He Saved Her Life

This is Simba, a sweet-natured pit bull with a kind demeanor. Unfortunately, some people regard him as frightening solely because of his breed.

However, the lovely pup recently proved them wrong.


Arjanit M., Simba’s owner, lives in an apartment with him. Many people in the building would go out of their way to avoid the dog, despite his polite approaches.

One neighbor in particular, an elderly woman who lives on the floor below, was unfriendly to Simba.

“He tried to welcome her every time, but she called him mean and looked at him with terror,” Arjanit told The Dodo. “She never liked him since he was of the “bad” breed.”

Simba, on the other hand, never soured on her – as he soon demonstrated in the loveliest way.


Arjanit and Simba were returning home from a walk the other day when they went by the neighbor’s unit on their way up the stairs. It was at that point that the dog began acting abnormally.

“He paused,” Arjanit remarked. “He started barking and running to the neighbor’s door.” I yanked on the leash, but he refused to come.”

Simba refused to move, so Arjanit moved to pick him up. That’s when he heard a faint sound emanating from within:

“I heard a frail voice yell for aid,” Arjanit remembered. “‘Please don’t go,’ she pleaded.”

Arjanit opened the unlocked door to see his neighbor slumped on the floor.

“She had injured her hip and had been at home for a long time,” Arjanit explained.

She’d gone unnoticed for two days. She couldn’t move, and her life was in danger.

Simba had picked up on her presence barely in time.


Arjanit called an ambulance, and he and Simba sat with the neighbor until it arrived. Her life had been rescued by a dog she’d never warmed up to before.

Of course, everything changed in an instant.

“‘Thank you for hearing me,’ she replied.” “At first, I assumed she was talking to me, Arjanit recalled. But she quickly corrected herself, saying, No, not you—the nice doggie.”

That “bad” canine turned out to have a bigger heart than most.


Even though Simba’s neighbor is still recovering, he has been acknowledged as a hero.

Others in the building have started doling out treats and gifts to him.

Arjanit thinks that his dog’s good deeds that day will change people’s minds about more than just his dog, though.


“I know Simba is a fantastic dog,” Arjanit stated. “However, I’m hoping that this occurrence will change people’s perceptions of bully breeds.” We, as humans, must earn their trust and affection.”

Simba demonstrates that there is plenty to go around.

h/t: The DoDo


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