Pilot Flies Dogs to Their Forever Homes

When shelters are full to capacity, it’s often the senior dogs that are most at risk. And when Julian met Christopher, the senior chihuahua was given a 24-hour life sentence, as the shelter had nowhere to keep him.

So naturally, that’s where Julian stepped in to save Christopher’s life.

Julian via The Dodo

But Julian isn’t an ordinary animal rescuer. He’s part of Pet Rescue Pilots, and flies rescue dogs all over the US to find them homes in different parts of the country, which saves countless lives every year.

The objective of Pet Rescue Pilots is to take dogs from overcrowded shelters in certain states, to shelters elsewhere that have vacancies. Julian also flies pets to their forever homes, something that he thinks is just the most rewarding thing in the world.

Julian via The Dodo

As you can see from the video, Julian loves being up in the clouds with dogs who are on their way to a much better life, and he’s so grateful that he has been able to put his piloting skills to such good use.

And as Julian touched down and introduced Christopher to his new mum (and brother), he was delighted to complete another successful transportation.

Julian via The Dodo

Julian and his colleagues have already transported more than 1,500 dogs from overcrowded shelter homes in states like California, to places where dogs have a much better chance of finding the forever home that they deserve.

Julian via The Dodo

Although Julian still works full time, he spends every spare minute that he has up in the clouds with his canine companions, transporting dogs inter-state to find them their happy ever afters.

You can find out more about the incredible work of pet rescue pilots by following them on Instagram.

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