Pianist Plays Healing Music For Blind Rescue Elephants

Animals continue to astound us with their cerebral aptitude for some tasks that we previously believed were exclusive for humans.

This is the extraordinary moment when a blind elephant dances to live classical music.

Paul Barton, a British musician, went his piano to an elephant sanctuary one day and began playing classical music to one of the elephants who was blind.

The elephant named Lam Duan surprised everyone when she began to sway and move from side to side as though dancing to the live music.

Lam Duan, 62, has been blind for virtually her whole life and spends her days at the ElephantsWorld animal sanctuary in Thailand.

Even though she is blind, she appreciates and reacts to music as if she can see it.

Lam Duan isn’t the only elephant who enjoys Barton’s live concerts; there are more of them who enjoy the calm piano music.

According to Barton, most elephants react to music by approaching the piano or abruptly beginning to walk around.

Some move their trunks to stroke the piano, while others move side to side, but all get intrigued when they hear the wonderful music of the piano.

Here’s a video showing Lam Duan swaying to the melody of a piano:

Some of the elephants even tried to sing along to the music, as far as their trunks would allow.

Here’s a video of them attempting to sing along with the song:


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