Orphaned Mountain Lion ‘Rose’ Becomes Social Media Darling – Sophon Cat

She’s precious..🐾🐾Mountain Lions don’t have a strong sense of smell and can’t “roar” like the word lion in the name implies. Thankfully someone spotted her just in time. She won’t miss what she didn’t have and I bet she’ll be spoiled and grow into a beautiful little lady. We spot one or two once in awhile in our area. She’s cute. She is absolutely adorably precious!!! I’m glad she was rescued but very sad she’ll never be able to be in the wild again. I hope she goes to a good caring wildlife preserve.

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Aww precious baby Rose, you’re so beautiful! I’m so overwhelmingly happy and content that she’s been taken care of by amazing humans! She deserves to thrive and live in love. She’s so adorable. I hope she heals and they find the right place for her. Maybe something happened to the mother. The poor thing. Hope everything works out for her. This reminds me of a few baby kittens I had. They were inbred. One got to a little over a month old and was still less than one pound. She was still in the box and didn’t grow. She wasn’t walking by herself. They were born on Halloween, but they all died. We couldn’t do anything.



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