Orphaned Gorilla Demands To Be Cuddled By His Carer After Being Rescued

This is the tender moment a baby orphaned gorilla cuddles up to his caregiver after being rescued.

Bobga, the newborn gorilla from Cameroon, is being cared for at the Limbe Wildlife Centre’s nursery by the friendly staff.

Bobga is seen cuddling with caretaker Alvin Muma, demonstrating how close he has bonded with his caregivers.

When he isn’t playing in the nursery with Alvin or others, Bobga has a huge and secure enclosure where he may relax.

According to Laura Craddock, the center’s Fundraising and Communications Co-ordinator:

“It is critical for an orphan gorilla, such as Bobga, to feel comfortable and secure with his caregiver, and these images reveal beautiful moments of relaxation between Bobga and one of his committed caregivers, Alvin.”

Here’s a video of Bobgas being cared for on a daily basis:

“As is the rest of his rehabilitation, foraging, playing, acquiring social skills, boosting curiosity, climbing, and grooming are all important components.”

“We provide victims of illegal wildlife trafficking a second chance, educate the local population about environmental conservation, and provide alternative employment to ex-hunting groups.”


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