Orphaned Bear Cub Learns How to Be Wild

At Lake Tahoe wildlife center, Jamison has been busy training his natural instincts and learning what it means to be a bear cub!

When he was first rescued and arrived at the center, Jamison was reserved to say the least. He was traumatized from the experience of losing his mother, and was understandably skeptical of his new surroundings.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care via The Dodo

He would spend most of the day alone and would retreat into his den at the first sign of movement. His rescuers were worried that his personality had been severely damaged by his trauma, and they weren’t sure how he would develop in his new home.

At six months old, Jamison was severely underweight, which was another concern for his rescuers. But after a period of decompression and feeding, Jamison started to come out of his shell.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care via The Dodo

And when he was placed into an enclosure with other bear cubs of a similar size, his personality really started to shine through. His rescuers noticed that he was extremely curious, and he wanted to know what was happening in different parts of his enclosure.

In the company of his fellow bear cubs, Jamison started to show himself as a joker, and loved nothing more than playing mischievously with the other bears.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care via The Dodo

One of Jamison’s favorite spots is up the top of one of the tallest trees at the center, something that is a real joy for his rescuers to see. Jamison taught himself to climb, and just loves finding the highest spot to look down on his fellow bears.

As Jamison’s health continued to improve, he got to a weight where his rescuers realized that it would be safe to release him into the wild, which is always the end goal.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care via The Dodo

On his release day, Jamison was thrilled to return to the wild, and his rescuers are confident that he has staked out his own corner of the wilderness, where he can look down on the rest of nature from the top of a tall tree somewhere.

To keep up with the latest rescues initiated by staff and volunteers at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Centre, you can follow them on Instagram.

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