Orca Stranded For 6 Hours Is Finally Set Free By A Group Of Kind Strangers

There’s always a way when there’s a whale around.


Wildlife officials, sailors, and a rising tide helped rescue a 20-foot orca stranded on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

On the water, nearby boaters observed the whale, which was wedged in a rock crack about five feet above the water’s surface.

In order to keep the orca wet and to keep birds away from it, the crew of the boat alerted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It was Aroon Melane’s TikTok video that documented the rescue effort.

At one point we were trying to fix the hoses and pumps so that they would work, Melane says in the film. We used buckets to keep the orca moist while we waited.

Orca rescued by Good Samaritans on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island

Six hours after it was initially sighted, the tide gradually returned the whale to the sea.

The orca was able to free itself from the rocks because to the rising sea level.

Those that dedicated their time and effort to protecting this orca deserve praise!


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