New Zealand solders were comforting a poor koala during catastrophic wildfires in an incredible moment

This heartwarming video shows a military engineer comforting a befuddled koala who has lost his home due to wildfires.

Australia is currently experiencing a slew of problems as a result of devastating bushfires, which have wreaked havoc on Kangaroo Island, where hundreds of these critters have perished. The magnificent island, which was once a sort of paradise, is now difficult to recognize. The island is facing irrevocable and devastating changes. And as a result of these wildfires, the koala population has dropped by approximately 45 percent in recent years.

Yet, especially the Australians, could not simply sit and watch mother nature destroy itself, and everyone attempted to assist and support the creatures in any way possible.

New Zealand dispatched about 110 military personnel to Kangaroo Island, with the primary objective of cleaning up and conducting investigations in the impacted areas. They were rendered dumbfounded and shocked by the heinous things they witnessed.

And this heartwarming picture of gentle troops wrapping a wary koala in a warm blanket restored our faith in humanity.

The cops are fully aware that their road to full and complete recovery will be lengthy, and they should do everything possible to alleviate and end the suffering of those who appeared to be miraculously spared during the destructive wildfires.


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