Music Loving Donkey Can’t Get Enough of This Guy’s Guitar

It’s not just humans who love being serenaded by the melodic notes of an acoustic guitar! When Chris sits down with Hazel the donkey, she just can’t get enough of the tunes that he plays for her.

Chris via The Dodo

When Chris comes to visit the sanctuary where Hazel lives, he does so out of his love for animals. But he’s developed a unique and special bond with Hazel, that is definitely strengthened by their shared love for music.

Chris via The Dodo

As Chris gets ready to leave after spending some time with Hazel, the donkey comes up to his car with her head down and cries. It’s certainly a bittersweet moment for Chris, who understands just how much his songs mean to the donkey.

Hazel has been living in the sanctuary since 2001, and Chris first started playing guitar for all the donkeys in the pen. But it was clear from the very start that Hazel was the most struck by his music, as she immediately pressed herself against him, and even got jealous as other donkeys approached.

Chris via The Dodo

Even Hazel’s best friend Lilly doesn’t get a look in when Chris is playing the guitar, such is her focus on listening intently to the music being played.

But it’s not just all about the music for Hazel.

Chris has absolutely loved getting to know all about the donkey’s curious and mischievous personality, and is amazed at Hazel’s ability to open doors and help herself to food whenever she pleases!

Chris via The Dodo

The special bond that Chris has developed with Hazel is something that he definitely doesn’t take for granted, and he feels blessed every day that he experiences such affection from an animal.

You can follow Chris and Hazel’s incredible musical partnership by following them on YouTube.

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