Meet this exclusive and gorgeous white alligator who, suffering albinism, lost her skin pigmentation

In the Roger Williams Zoo, you’ll find this white-skinned beauty.

Animals with entirely white skin are extremely rare, but they have the power to enthrall us with their unique beauty. Elza, a new addition to the Roger Williams Zoo, has arrived. The employees of the San Diego Zoo recently revealed that their enormous family has become even larger, and they provided a photo of Elza, an American alligator with an exceptionally rare and distinctive coloration due to albinism.

New temporary exhibit in the Zoo’s newly renovated and designed greenhouse has this beautiful lady as a new resident. Because the animal is devoid of melanin, her skin has a bright white tone.

Scientists say that animals with albinism have lost their pigmentation in their skin, as well as having impaired vision and extremely sensitive skin.

The zoo’s personnel state that the unique creature would not live in the wild, and the following video gives you a glimpse of this white queen for yourself.


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