Meet the Superhero Kenyan Vets Dedicating Their Lives to Saving Wild Animals on the Vast African Savannahs

Meet the Superhero Kenyan Vets Dedicating Their Lives to Saving Wild Animals on the Vast African Savannahs

When an animal falls sick or becomes injured in the wild, who will come to the rescue? Often, nature just takes its course, and the stricken animals take their place in the circle of life.

However, in some instances, even wild animals need saving. Whether it’s a fallen zebra or a lost lion, sometimes a little human intervention is required to preserve the natural order of things.

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That’s where these incredible vets, operating in the Kongoni game valley in Kenya, come into play a life-saving role for the wild animals that call these vast plains their home.

Dr. Titus Kaitho, one of Kenya’s mobile vets operating in the area, shows us some of the incredible work that he and his colleagues undertake to help save wild animals that have come into danger. He tells us a little bit about the situation facing wild animals in this part of Kenya:

“Typically, an animal is trapped in a poaching snare, but it can be anything. A lion which needs to be translocated, or a sick zebra, but it’s usually a snare issue.”

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While conservationists and national park rangers do everything they can to stop poaching, wild animals often fall victim to snares left behind by poachers, and the vets spend a great deal of their time healing the animals that are injured in this way, and removing and destroying any snares that they come across.

Armed with a darting rifle and some basic medical supplies, the brave team, that consists of one vet, a driver, and two rangers, head out into nature to care for any type of animal that they can treat.

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In this incredible video, we see the team rescue a zebra that has become trapped in a snare and was unable to eat because of the pain that he was in.

While some people might question the morality of human intervention in the wild, it’s actually an extremely important part of wildlife conservation.

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Dr. Kaitho tells us why his role is so crucial:

“This job is important because there is a lot of conflict between human beings and wildlife, and therefore, intervention to save wildlife from becoming extinct is very crucial.”

Hopefully, you all agree that the work they do to protect these beautiful wild animals is extremely valuable, and we hope that it continues successfully long into the future.

This team are living proof that not all superheroes wear capes!

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