Meet the Pig Who Thinks He’s a Cat

When Caitlin rescued a tiny little piglet, she thought it would be best to keep him in the house. Not only was it easier to look after him, it meant that he could at least interact with the other animals in her care.

Caitlin via The Dodo

And as Caitlin had a house full of cats, Dragonlord the piglet started hanging out with his feline siblings. His first friend was a foster kitten called Sriracha, who he played with daily and learned how to be just like her! He would play with her and even sleep next to her, which really got him thinking that he was one of the crew.

Caitlin via The Dodo

When Sriracha found her forever home, Caitlin was worried that Dragonlord would miss his best buddy. But he quickly became friends with another of Caitlin’s cats called Raisin, and the two hit it off right away! They started playing together, and as Dragonlord got bigger, he realized that he could mix things up with the mischievous cats.

Caitlin via The Dodo

When Caitlin and the animals all moved to a bigger home with lots of outdoor space, she decided that Dragonlord was ready to experience life outside like a normal pig.

But he wasn’t remotely happy.

He wanted to be back inside with his cats, and after experiencing a horrendous hailstorm, his mind was well and truly made up. He wasn’t interested in going outside.

Caitlin via The Dodo

So, instead of forcing him into a situation that he wasn’t comfortable with, Caitlin allowed Dragonlord to come back inside and live alongside the cats. He’s very much an indoors pig and probably will be for the rest of his life!

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