Meet Juniper, The Rescued Fox Who Thinks She’s An Orange Dog

Juniper, the adorable fox, is causing quite a stir on the internet due to her extraordinary cuteness and uniqueness.

She, like a puppy, enjoys playing and constantly appears to be smiling.

The crimson princess enjoys frolicking about the house with her other animal siblings and posing for her 3 million-follower Instagram account.

“Foxes have a high prey drive, which means they will pursue prey based on their inherent instincts.”

“Her favorite pastime is for someone to chase her through the house and then turn around and flee so she can chase them.”

“As she grew older, I accompanied her everywhere. She developed a strong preference for car journeys and people, which she adores.”

Juniper’s mother also wanted to emphasize that owning a pet fox is not the same as having a dog or cat:

“Pet foxes have an unpleasant odor. Bad. Their pee and feces have an ammonia-skunk odor. A pet fox’s scent cannot be ‘de-scented.’ You cannot confine a fox to an enclosed space 24 hours a day… Foxes as pets are destructive; they will wreak havoc on your belongings.”

“Foxes’ diets must include raw meats and bones. They also require taurine, otherwise they risk going blind, having convulsions, or perhaps dying…”

Take a look at the amusing video below of a Juniper falling over.

Juniper’s mother says in the amusing video above:

“Juniper and all foxes pounce in this manner when they hear a scratching noise that sounds to them like a mouse under the snow or on the ground.”

Visit Juniper’s Instagram to see further photos of her and her siblings!


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