Loyal Dog Keeps Injured Hiker Warm All Night Until Help Arrives

It’s tough to put into words the bond between a man and his dog, but one image says it all.

Meet North, a brave Alaskan malamute who kept his father safe under the harshest of circumstances.

A young mountaineer was injured and stuck 5,600 feet up Mount Velebit last Saturday. According to The Associated Press, a rescue crew of 27 fought to climb the mountain range that borders Croatia’s Adriatic Sea coast, but it was made more difficult by harsh weather conditions, ice, and fallen tree boughs.

Fortunately for the hiker, he was accompanied by his dog, North. North didn’t want to leave his father as the sun set and the temperature dropped, so he kept him safe and kept him warm until help came.

“Friendship and affection between man and dog have no bounds,” said Hrvatska Gorska Sluba Spaavanja (HGSS) on Facebook. “North escaped unharmed, but his friend, a young mountaineer, was not so fortunate.” He curled up with him and warmed him with his body.”

Rescuers arrived at about midnight and were able to bring the hiker and his dog medical attention the next morning.


His father made it through the night and down the mountain thanks to North’s dedication.

“[North’s] loyalty did not end with the rescuers’ arrival,” the Facebook post added. “He was one of us, and he had been guarding his man for 13 hours. From this example, we may all learn to care for one another from this example.”


North is currently at home, relaxing and receiving plenty of goodies and pets, while his father is expected to recover completely.

The dog is being hailed as a hero, but the fluffy boy was merely doing what any friend would do: making sure his friend got home safely.


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