Little Dog Is So Very Happy His Family Built Him A Fence Window

He’s just a little puppy, but Harry has found what he’s truly meant to accomplish in life.

Observing the passing of time.


In his family’s fenced-in backyard, Harry had always enjoyed spending time with his friends, but he couldn’t see much beyond. It was nearly hard to see through the fence because the pickets were so closely placed.

Until then, Harry had no idea what he had been missing all these years. In response to a severe storm, a new fence was erected with a significantly different appearance.

“When my father reconstructed the fence, there were some gaps [between the pickets],” Harry’s owner, Alex Mcleish, told The Dodo. “That is how I discovered Harry peering out the holes!”


Harry couldn’t help but fall in love.

By peering through the fence’s thin gaps, he could see what was happening on the other side of it for the first time. Is there anything further that could be done? The view from the fence window, of course.

In response to Mcleish’s observation that Harry was spending a lot of time staring out of the gaps, Mcleish playfully proposed it to his father. “My dad was making it for him when I woke up Sunday morning,” I said.


Mcleish’s father had hacked a hole in the fence specifically for Harry, so that he could see out into the wide world unhindered.

Harry was overjoyed


“Harry was sure it was for him!” Mcleish made the statement. It seemed as though he was watching my father build it and waiting for him to complete.

Finally, the wait was well worth it.


Every time someone or another dog walks by the house, Harry is fixated on the location where the window was built. His tail is always wagging in delight.

As Mcleish put it, “He stands there for hours and only comes in when we summon him.”


Of course, Harry wouldn’t have objected if the fence had remained as it was. Fortunately, Mcleish’s parents came up with a clever solution to make the pup’s new favorite hobby even more joyous.

The dog’s family, on the other hand, gained a new perspective on Harry’s joyous existence in their backyard.

As Mcleish put it, “It surely brings a smile to our faces to see him watching the world go by.”

h/t: The DoDo


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