Knitted Sweaters Are Given To A Cute Hairless Possum Who Was Saved Just In Time To Survive The Winter

This hairless opossum would have perished if someone had not rescued it and delivered it to the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (SPWRC). Peach, a little opossum, suffers from alopecia, a rare medical condition that causes her to lose all of her hair.

Peach would not have survived the hard winter because the body hair of this marsupial species is vital for regulating its body temperature.

As soon as he discovered the opossum in southwest Lubbock, Texas, he felt compelled to support it.

Gail Barnes, the executive director of the SPWRC, witnessed a guy drop a box in front of the admissions building while it was being videotaped.

Astounded, they imagined it was a cat when a small, hairless hand poked out of the box upon opening it to see what it was.

When it was identified as an opossum, it was placed in an incubator for rehabilitation and its age was estimated to be between three and four months.

The rehabilitation institution addressed Peach’s situation on Facebook, as she is unable to live in the wild due to her disease. People responded generously to the request for warm winter gear for Peach.

Many Internet users who possess hairless cats have donated clothing, while others have crocheted sweaters for Peach.

With the assistance of special care, Peach has been able to double her weight throughout this time span.

She wears knit sweaters provided by the rehabilitation clinic every day, and the facility uploads updates showcasing her attractive new outfits.


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